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Personal details                                                 

Uwe Ziegler      

Business address

UzIT GmbH & CO. KG
Tannenstrasse 19
97795 Einraffshof
Telephone:                   +49 (0) 9747 931176                      
Fax:                            +49 (0) 9747 931178
Mobile:                        +49 (0) 174 3308493
E-mail:                        sap-consultancy@uzit.de
Web:                          www.uzit.de


Certification in Business Economics from the School of Economics
·    Additional certification in Business Administration and Accounting
·   SAP R/3 SD/CRM Senior Consultant and Programmer by IBM
·   Certification in SAP CRM

SAP R/3 training                                                                                                      

ABAP/SAP-SCRIPT           Reports, Batch-Input, BAPI, Userexit &
                                   Interface programming, Output programming, 
                                   SAP-Controls (OO), Data take on, Dialog
                                   programming, BSP-Programming, Worklfow
                                   programming, ALE/EDI/IDOC-Programming 

SD                               Entire Sales & Distribution functions, Logistic
                                   Execution, Foreign Trade, Credit/Risc-Management,
                                   Inter Company Delivery/Billing, consigment goods,                                    Vendor or customer management inventory

ALE/EDI/IDOC                 Modelling and Implementign of Business processes
                                   Maintain distribution models, System monitoring,
                                   EDI Output determination, IDOC/BDOC processing
                                   Modification of Inbound an Outbound messages

WORKFLOW                   Defining Workflows using Workflow Builder, Enhancing 
                                  Business Objects, Defining business process
                                  steps (Task definition), Data/Container definition, 
                                  Dynamic Agent determination, linking and
                                  triggering events, Deadline monitoring, Ad-hoc
                                  processing, Business process via Internet (WF-XML
                                  Interface), Web flow service handler, Programming
                                  interfaces for Objects, Events, Methods, Controls
                                  and Attributes   

MM/WM                        Cross Application SD & MM, WM, Handling
                                   Unit Management

CRM                             Fundamentals (Lead, Opportunity & Campaign
                                   Management, Internet Pricing & Configuration
                                   Middleware & Data Exchange)
                                   Internet Sales, Mobile Sales & Service,
                                   Customer Interaction Center (certified)
                                   Mobile Sales and Service, Org and history
                                   management, BDocs, Interface programming

Software development                                                       

Technical design programs
Functional design business process
Information analyses business processes
Software qualitiy assurance


Project Management (SD Module basis)
CRM Project management
Acquisition and Presentation skills


German (native speaker)

Working experience     


High volume consumer goods
Wholessale company
Distance selling industry
Machine constructin and engineering
Puplishing company
Packaging industry
Pharmaceutical industry

Subject matter

Project management (module basis)
Business process re-engineering
Software quality assurance
End user training and implementation support
Integrated software packages for enterprise solution
Sales and Production planning
Advanced planning organizer
Customer releationship management
Project management CRM
Data-take-on, Data migration
Bonus application
Company and process organisation
ABAP programming conception and design


Application packages:       SAP R/3 SD and CRM
Programming languages:    ABAP, SAP-Script, LSMW, WORKFLOW

SAP Experience                9 years SAP experience with more than 14
                                            implementations & lifecycles (thereof 6  
                                            international implementations)
                                            15 years project and procect management

ABAP                            Programming of User-exits mainly in SD,
                                   Interface programming to FI/CO/MM,
                                   Programming of reports and batch-inputs programs,
                                   Programming of formulas and requirements for
                                   pricing schemes and copy routines
                                   Knowledge of ABAP-Tools (WAS 6.20), Conception
                                   and design of customer programs in SD, Logistics 
                                   and CRM, Interface programming mainly between SD
                                   and CRM, Object programming of SAP Controls 

ALE/EDI/IDOC                Analyses and configuration of distribution models,
                                  Inbound and outbound processing of EDI outputs 
                                  in the area sales and distribution, Error and IDOC
                                  Monitoring, Inbound and Outbound programming for
                                  ALE and IDOC’s, ALE - Master data distribution,
                                  LSMW – Data take on, Workflow customizing for 
                                  Vendor/Customer management inventory process
                                  (VMI/CMI), Workflow customizing for Inbound and  
                                  Outbound messages and Error monitoring

SAP R/3 SD                   Design of organizational structure for companies,
                                  Process of inquiry, quotation, order, delivery,
                                  shipping, transportation and invoicing,
                                  Design and process of pricing procedures
                                  ATP/CTP and demand planning with APO
                                  Inter company delivery & billing and goods
                                  movements, Foreign Trade (Intrastat, Extrastat),
                                  Credit/Risc-management (LC/Pay-card-process)
                                  Consignment process, Design and Process of
                                  Handling Unit Management, Bonus and Rebate
                                  handling, VMI/CMI business processes

SAP R/3 MM/WM/           More than basic knowledge in the mentioned
           PP/FI/CO           modules and most notably the interfaces 
           PS/APO             between the modules

SAP CRM                      Certificated in SAP CRM and Customer Interaction
                                  Center. Knowledge in IPC, Middleware, IS,
                                  Mobile Sales and Services, Campagne management.
                                  Knowledge about how to analyse business process
                                  and how to detach existing SAP R/3 functions in
                                  CRM, Organisation- and History management,
                                  Interface programming, Authorization administration,
                                  User specific rolles and menues, Web Application
                                  Server functions

May  2005 – December 2007

Client:             AstraZeneca (PharmaStern), Pharmaceutical Industry in 
Role:               SAP CRM Consultant, Programmer and Project manager

Responsible as a lead of a programmer team for enhancing
a bonus system as an customer application on a CRM System.

November 2006   –  Dezember 2006

Client:             AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany (IS-IT) and 
Role:               SAP CRM/SD Consultant and Programmer

Responsible for a functional specification to implement Vendor/Customer  management inventory (VMI, CMI) scenarios for a NON-SAP system in
Sweden and a SAP Enterprise system in Germany.

Juli 2006   –  Juli 2006

Client:             AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany (IS-IT) UK
Role:               SAP CRM/SD Consultant and Programmer 

Responsible for programmer specification to enhance current Producer
discount programs based on changes driven by medical and political law.

Juni 2005   –  Juni 2005

Client:             AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany (IS-IT)
Role:               SAP CRM/SD Consultant and Programmer

Responsible for functional and technical specification to automate
the Invoice verification process for external delivered Shipping data.

Mai 2005   –  Juni 2005

Client:             AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical Industry in England
Role:               SAP CRM/SD Consultant  
Responsible for the Implementation of Credit and Risk 
management for specific customer groups within SAP R/3 4.6C. 

November 2004 – April 2005

Client:           AstraZeneca (PharmaStern), Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany
Role:             SAP CRM Consultant 

Responsible for new developments of a reward application for the 
pharmaceutical field service on a SAP CRM system version 4.0.    
Extension of this new application by automating the interfaces to                     SAP HR system and Data Warehouse system.

July 2004 – Oktober 2004

Client:           AstraZeneca (PharmaStern), Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany
Role:             SAP CRM Consultant and Project leader 

Projekt management for process analysis, to be design and programming.
Analysis of the business partner model, organisation and history management    and report programming in SAP CRM version 4.0.

April 2004 – June 2004
Client:           AstraZeneca (PharmaStern), Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany
Role:             Functional SAP R/3 SD Consultant

As SD Consultant responsible for business analyses, configuration and implementation of a roll out in Germany with SAP R/3 release 4.6 C.

March 2003 - March 2004

Client:                AstraZeneca (Pharmaceutical Industry) in UK and Germany
Role:                  Functional SAP R/3 SD Consultant
As SD Consultant responsible for business analyses, configuration and  implementation of a roll-out in Germany with SAP R/3 4.6C.          

December 2002 - February 2003

Participation by the by the global SAP Education Program for the Education of
"My SAP CRM Consultant" by SAP in Walldorf.
Certified as SAP CRM Consultant with the focul point of CIC (Customer Interaction Center).

October  2001 - November 2002  
Client:               Flexible Packaging, Germany
Role:                 Functional SAP R/3 SD Modul Leader
As SD Module leader for Flexible Packaging (FP) responsible for
configuration and implementation of a roll out in Gemany in two different
plants with SAP R/3 release 4.6 C.    

                                                                                                February 2000 - October 2001  
Client:               Flexible Packaging, Germany, France, Italy
Role:                 Functional SAP R/3 consultant for SD, WM and HUM.
As sales & logistic consultant for Flexible Packaging (FP) responsible for
reenginering business process, configuration and implementation of Pilot
with SAP R/3 release 4.6 C.    

October 1999 - February 2000

Client:              Vogel puplishing company, Germany
Role:                Funcional SAP R/3 consultant for SD

As functional consultant responsible for configuration and implementing sales service process  in SAP R/3 release 4.0.

January 1999 – October 1999

Client:               Mero architectural market company, Germany
Role:                 Functional SAP R/3 consultant for SD
For Mero responsible for configuration and implementing SAP R/3 (rel. 3.1H). Upgrade R/3 in sales and logistic to Rel. 4.0 and supporting Mero members
for all kind of SAP questions.

October 1995 – January 1999

Client:               Raab Karcher whole sale company, Germany
Role:                 Functional analyst for sales and logistic 

As functional analyst responsible for all sales and logistic requirements and questions for Raab Karcher. Responsible for developing a functional technical design and configuration and implementing.

July 1993 – October 1995

Client:         Neckermann distance selling, Germany
Role:           Functional / Technical designer

Within the KAA project developing a functional design of customer order process, creating test scenarios using softwareassurance programs.

May  2005 – July 2007 

At the moment i am working for AstraZeneca a pharmaceutical Company.
I am responsible as CRM Project Manager, Consultant and Programmer for
enhancements of an own developed bonus application. The main objectives
are the design of system settings in place of program coding.
Further the lead and coordination of the development team ( 3 programmer)
the system adjustments, the execution of presentations, the set-up of TCO calculations, the execution of  cost estimations and the coordination of the whole implementation.

November 2006   –  Dezember 2006

I’ve been responsible for building a functional and technical VMI/CMI (Vendor/customer management inventory) scenario  and specification for the IS-IT Department  AstraZeneca in Germany and Sweden. 
The automatic EDI-Purchase process including Purchase confirmation was implemented using Workflow technique. Further on I did the design for implementing dispatch notification from a NON-SAP System in Sweden and the automatic Invoice verification to a SAP system. For the purpose of a system demo I did the whole set-up and programming part. System environment
SAP R/3 Enterprise.  

Juli 2006   –  Juli 2006

I’ve been responsible for building a technical specification for program changes driven by health policy. The client IS-IT Department of AstraZeneca Germany required this specification for a programmer team in India.
The scope comprehend the analysis of the current  program versions and the documentation of the technical to-be concept for the programmer.
Further on I was responsible for the coordination with the programmer team in India and the acceptance tests with the IS-IT in England. System environment SAP R3 4.6C.

Juni 2005   –  Juni 2005

I’ve been responsible for building a functional specification for a new automatic invoice verification process for Transport and Shipping costs. The specification includes the analysis and the to-be design of that functionality. The main objectives were how to use external Transport and Shipping data and the usage of huge conditions tables to determine the Shipping costs. System environment SAP R3 4.6C.

Mai 2005   –  Juni 2005

I’ve been responsible as a CRM/SD consultant (client AstraZeneca) to set-up  
Credit and Risk management for specific customer groups within SAP R/3 4.6C.
I did the analysis in Germany and typed the functional specification for the
IS-IT in UK. The credit controls were triggered by own programmed sales reports. Further on I controlled the implemented functionality and gave support. System environment SAP R3 4.6C.

November 2004 – April 2005 

At the moment I am responsible as SAP CRM Consultant to set-up a complete
new functionality for calculating rewards on a SAP CRM system (4.0).
This new application is for around 1500 pharmaceutical field services.
The main objectives are: the functional specifications, the to-be design,
the coordination of the over-all solution, the coordination of the programmer
and the technical implementation and the automation of the interfaces to a 
SAP HR system and a Data Warehouse system.    

July 2004 – October 2004 

I’ve been responsible as project leader and CRM consultant to set-up an activity-related reward system for the Pharmaceutical field service of AstraZeneca.
The Scope was to do business and system analysis (CRM 4.0), defining the design and execute programming. The emphasis was to define and set-up first-time an automated   system for calculation the rewards for more than 1500 field services. The project has been implemented with success within four month.

April 2004 – June 2004 

As project leader and consultant my task was to extend the previous implementation.
The Scope was to attach a new warehouse (promotion and advertising goods) on the local system in Germany for shipping and to be able to execute the order entry and invoicing in a different system which was in the UK.
I did the functional specification, the configuration and most of the programming part.
The focal point in that project was to set up a central order entry with extensive Pricing, the integration of three systems, the interface definition and configuration (ALE/EDI/IDOC) and the programming adjustments of IDOC’s.
The project was implemented in three month with success

March 2003 – March 2004 

I’ve been responsible for AstraZeneca a pharmaceutical industry customer 
for the implementation of a system integration between two systems in UK and
Germany. After the system admission of the to-be conception in UK my task was to transmit the approach to Germany and the execution of analysis of the current business  process.
The business process were documented in blue prints and the to-be conception as design pack. After the acceptance during the walkthrough I started with
configuration and programming.
The ambition in that project was to establish a “Shared Service Center” with a central order entry in UK in consideration of the business processes in Germany and a common “High Level Design”.
The order entry using manual or EDI orders have been processed via purchasing
per ALE into the German legacy system and forwarded to a third warehouse management system. The configuration of several outbound messages to the system in UK lead to visibility of the processes in the German systems and suits the central order entry in UK best. 
The focal point in that project was the to set up a central order entry with extensive pricing and the definition and configuration of the integration for three integrated systems.
The project was implemented in time and with success.

December 2002 – February 2003

Participation by the global SAP Consultant Education Program for the education
of “My SAP CRM Consultant by SAP in Walldorf. Certified as CRM Consultant with the focal point of CIC (Customer Interaction Center).

February 2000 – November 2003

I’ve been responsible as member of a team of business consultants to transform the defined business process in SAP functionality by writing blueprints. The blueprints were basis for the configuration and implementation phase, first as a template followed by roll-outs in factories in Germany, France and Italy.
For VAW, the head-quarters, I did also the coordination of the over-all solutions in Sales & Distribution within three other business units of VAW using harmonized standards.
Together with the project leader I managed for Flexible Packaging the over-all quality of design, I co-developed the project approach with management and key users, developed detailed plans for configuration, conversion, training and interfacing with legacy systems.
The principle task in SAP R/3 were Pricing, Costing, Order Processing, Billing, Handling unit management, ATP/CTP and demand planning with APO and a high level transportation planning and costing.
The main challenge was to adjust one system for different business areas worldwide in one client by using new technology like APO and Handling Unit Management.  
After implementation of the pilot in France, I was responsible as SD team leader for the roll out of the kernel system in Germany in two plants. At this stage new further requirements are raised and I managed together with my team and my programmer those requirements in the scheduled time and budget frame.
The main challenges at this time were the cross over delivery and goods movement process between two plants by using Warehouse management and Handling Unit Management. 


October 1999 – February 2000

For the implementation of a new sales system for Vogel a publishing company, I’ve have been the lead consultant for sales to define, configure and implement thesales and invoice procedure for services.
I also defined the procedure to use the existing SAP solution Media together with the new sales process of services.
The main objective within SAP R/3 was to keep existing cost reporting by using the new function with different releases and avoiding complications with the existing IS-Media system.

January 1999 – October 1999

I was employed on a SAP-SD Project with Mero an architectural market company. First supporting the existing made-to-order production and upgrading the R/3 system to Release 4.0.  Mr. Ziegler also designed and programmed further system requirements and supporting key users for all kind of SAP questions.
The main objective within SAP R/3 was the make-to-order production and the differently pricing.

October 1995 – January 1999

I was employed on several project with Raab Karcher a whole sale company.
Together with other project team members the main objective was to develop for different business areas a core software to support sales, distribution and invoicing.
Afterwards I started to roll-out the kernel system in different areas in Germany.

July 1993 – October 1995

I was employed on the KAA project with Neckermann a distance selling company. Together with other project team members the main objective was to make a functional design of a sales system used by all Neckermann companies.
Later on I also defined test scenarios by using special assurance software.